My Greatest Friends!

They say that in every road you take, you’ll meet someone who will hold your hands and take those journeys with you.

I have lots of friends whom I cherish so much. Most of them I met when I was elementary, some are those from high school and college and some I met when I was working. But I have five GREATEST Friends whom – I can say I really can’t afford and I never wanted to lose.

Let me share them with you. 

Name: Mary Grace Altobar

Simple. Shy. Quiet. We share the same passion back then – singing – though I’m not good at it, it seems that the melody of friendship blends well. We had this song book which we write all our favorite songs and we’ll sing it together, and our favorite song? “The Greatest Love of All” She’s like a real little sister to me that when I knew she’ll be living for Canada, I wanted to hate her BUT NO, I can’t and I wont because I know our friendship will never stop. Though miles apart, we make sure to write each other via telegram to update each other.  I love this girl. I’ve learned the word friendship trough her and I will never ever forget those times with and without her.  And to be honest, I missed her. I missed her like an Ate misses her younger sister. Please come home.


Name: Athel Eve Coronado

Quiet. Calm. Easy. I’ve learned a lot from the simplicity of this girl. She’s very content of what she has and still feels blessed about it. You’ll hear no words of demand and of arrogant with this person and above all, she stayed with me during many times of intrigue and difficulties during last few years of elementary. Open up anything to her and you’ll hear nothing but she’ll let you feel she’s just there and she’ll be there for you. I will never forget the medal that we’d exchanged during our graduation to remember all the hardships as a student and as an individual. I am keeping it like the way I am keeping our friendship. Thank you, Thel. Let’s meet again soon.

Name: Michelle Rizaldo

Brave. Straightforward. True. Loud. What you see is what you get. She’s the perfect definition of True Person. She might seem difficult to be with at first, but once you know her, you’ll never ever want to let go. She became my confidant, my adviser, and my sister. With her, I don’t need to explain and I don’t need to please because she understands and she never judged. She’s the person I know, will fight with me until the end of war.  She’s not just a friend but she’s a family.  With her, I’ve learned to be patient, I’ve learned loyalty and above all, I’ve learned to trust God. I am very grateful for simply knowing this amazing person and more thankful for the friendship we’re sharing. Thanks, te! 🙂


Name: Sarah Alyssa Marie Lanuza

Surprising. Fearless. Adventurous. Talented. With her, I have no worries sharing different stuff. No awkward moments but only funny and memorable one. With Sam, I’ve learned to take risks, to go beyond my limitation and to explore and enjoy my college life. A very tough person, in spite off all the things she’s been through, you’ll see a dreamer, and a very ambitious person who’s very eager to learn anything to be able to grow.  A lady full of surprises to his other half and lady full of passion for all the things that she does. I love you, Kambal! ❤


Full Name: Thea Rosal

Tough. Loyal. Survivor. I just love her! Well, she thought me to read novel books. Haha! I guess, my friendship with this person is different. Maybe because we’re both mature when we met, or I really don’t know.  But I know her and I know her past and I really can say she survived it all. I’ve learned trough all the experience that she’s been trough. I am hurt when she’s hurt and I feel down when she’s down. She’s the perfect definition of Love and Loyalty. I missed her. I learned my lesson when I resigned and left her alone in the company I used to work in. But even though I’m not around, I’m here. I’m just here wanting and praying nothing but her happiness. I miss you, Thea!

I just love them all!

Thanks girls!

see me soon, please?



  1. Thank you for kind affirming words kambal.


  2. Hahah! yah know i love you! :))

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