Double Celebration

It’s true that one cannot predict the future and no one can assume what will happen in the next few years. I, myself – and I guess some of my/our friends thought that I will be the first to get married and I will be the first to get pregnant – to Maw – but NO. I don’t really feel bad and insecure about not being the first –of course I’m not yet ready as well. But these events makes us so excited for 2012 knowing that any minute from now, two of our fiends will become a mom –actually ‘became a mom’ and another one will soon become a wife.

What a blessing, right?

Aw! Let me introduce them to you.

Rolling, please…

Year 2001-2005

Full name: Kathryn G. Umelda (center)
Height: Not so tall,
Weight: Not so big,
Gender: hmm, Not so girl and not so boy BUT he like guys who’s tall, dark and some! Hahah! Tell me I’m wrong? She used to really like this guy way back in high school. What’s his name again? “Po… Po… Po…” never mind!

*That’s her, the way she speaks, she acts, and she dressed – so boyish and so manly. But inside is a lady who just wished to love her back like all of those ladies during high school.

                                                      And look at the product of LOVE – TREY! (Rodrigo Umelda Bahio III)


 Full name: Camille Khimberly Joven
Height: Same as mine
Weight: Same as mine (fine! I’m slimmer!)
Gender: So femine meaning shy, old-fashioned, quiet, calm, and conservative.
Favorite Song: Hey JUDE! Hahahahha!
Well, she never admit of liking this guy but she’s making so pa-cute to him! Thank God I remember his name – Jude! 😀

*A very simple girl, the smart one and yes! She’s the bread winner of the family.

Time flies… I really can’t stop smiling every time I’m thinking about how we grew up so fast and how we mature from a lady into a woman. I feel so blessed for having these kinds of friends… these kinds of people. No matter how we seldom see each other, no matter how we’ve been trough all these past few years. We do believe in one thing: FRIENDSHIP.

I love you all guys!


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