Monthly Archives: May 2012

Another Jaw Breaking Movie to Watch for!

A very light  and funny movie starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, 21 Jump Street is a story of 2 former high scool not-so-buddies who became cops and went to high school again for there first undercover mission, to stop a new synthetic drug from spreading to other campuses by finding the supplier. They go […]


Summer is about to end and rainy season is just coming and before the rain gets harder, I had a chance to wear what every girl wants to wear on a summer… swimwear! And not just a 1 piece swimsuit you wear in your swimming class but a two-piece swimsuit that I am eyeing ever […]

iWhite Nose Pack – Beauty Regimen 101

All of us wanted to have a flawless skin especially when it comes to our face! We all become too fussy talking about How-to-get-a-pimple-free-face! Why? Simply because it’s our one of our asset, and as the saying goes: “Beauty is in the face of the beholder” yeah, fine! I changed it a bit, but let’s […]

Curl all the way!

Last week i am so restless on what to do with my hair. I really want to get it curled ’cause i feel so bored on how it look like -straight! just straight hair. So last week while i’m doing nothing but to listen on Taylor Swift’s Enchanted, I made some research on different salon […]

Villa Mar Beach Resort Review

I was one of the happiest employee when boss announced last week that our company will be having 2-day off from April 30-May 1. It was indeed a great time to relax and go somewhere near the shore. And because I am afraid of going to beach because I’m scared of large spaces, I decided […]