Villa Mar Beach Resort Review

I was one of the happiest employee when boss announced last week that our company will be having 2-day off from April 30-May 1. It was indeed a great time to relax and go somewhere near the shore. And because I am afraid of going to beach because I’m scared of large spaces, I decided to finish all this scare feeling of going to the coast. I search the net and look for an affordable beach resort near in Manila, I google it and found plenty of resort in Cavite area and because I haven’t heard of the place called Noveleta I decided to go there and celebrate Labor Day in one of those beach resort with my boyfriend.

Villa Mar Beach Resort is very accessible, and according to my mom it’s been there since she was single and her family used to go there every summer. It has been a tourist destination of most Filipinos back then, production companies used to shoot their films as well, big and powerful waves, and who hates sunset? Ugh! A very beautiful picture of sunset (photo by: Seth Lospe), I swear!

Entrance fee is Php 30.00, Cottage rate is Php100.00, Room rate per day is Php500.00 and you’ll spend Php 200.00 for transportation. If you’re looking for a pastime, going to beach is one of the most leisure pursuit you can reward to yourself and if you’re not too finicky, you’ll surely enjoy every piece of the shore.

I just wished that people who visit the resort will be responsible enough to throw their garbage on the trash bin and won’t let their waste float over the water, ‘cause hey! They might swim back for you. So, If I’m going to rate my first shore experience, I’ll give it a 5 out of 10! It was ok, the whole experience was fun and exciting except for the garbage, people!

But yeah! Still fun though! 🙂



  1. It’s nice to go to a peaceful place like the beach once in a while.. I need some time to unwind too and slow down my fast-paced life. Thanks for sharing about this sis.. 🙂 I’d love to go there if only the place isn’t filled with garbage.. 😦

  2. that’s great for a budget vacation 🙂 hope they could clean up the garbage around the area.

    1. yeeeeah! i wish people will be responsible enough for their own garbage.

  3. True. I was really longing for a peaceful place and i found it! well, it’s not filled with garbage though. I’ll try batangas next time! i heard the water is cleaner and the sand is good as well. Will surely try it myself and will share it here! 🙂

    1. Oopsie for using the wrong term (“filled”).. but I hope the people will be responsible for their own trash so the place can be kept beautiful. Try Batangas! I’ve been in Nasugbu a lot of times and it’s really a nice place with friendly people and relaxing beaches. Of course, some resorts still have problems with trash.. *sigh* Some guests just don’t know how to keep a place clean.

      1. That is so correct! I will try Nasugbu for sure! I’m planning to go there maybe later this month. Is Matabungkay located in Nasugbu? i’m eyeing that place! 🙂

      2. I think Matabungkay’s not really in Nasugbu, but in Lian (not so sure though, i’m a loser in Geography). We’ve visited the place a couple of times and my dad just loves their floating cottages! 😀

      3. Reallyyyyyy? I wanna try the floating cottages! 🙂 How far is it in Manila and do you have idea about the rates for a whole day? 🙂

  4. Is the beach clean and the facilities? That’s very affordable and I am skeptical. 🙂

    1. Maw saw Marty’s swimming along with him! Some people there are just very irresponsible! We got a nice place beside the shore and it’s not bad! 😀

      1. I still want to go to the beach. 🙂

      2. me too… or hiking maybe? 🙂

      3. Hunger Games? haha

      4. haha! yeah with my bow and arrow! well i think that’s hunting! me wants to go hiking! weeeh!

      5. i don’t know yet, but i’m thinking about “Pico de Loro” (hope i got the spelling right) but my family is planning to go to batangas this weekend? i dunno if it’s true baka drawing lang.. hehe!

      6. Pico de Loro is for members only, mind you. haha

      7. aww! really? hmm, then i’ll look for another one! hehe! 🙂

  5. Are there facilities though? (water sports, locker rooms, food outlets, etc)

  6. It’s terrible that people throw their garbage in the water. Tsk tsk. The picture of the sunset is lovely tho.

    1. yeeeeeah! it was great! that’s why i feel sad ’cause they have a very beautiful view of sunset and they’re taking it for granted.

  7. First time to hear about Villa Mar
    Thanks for the info! I’m curios too if the place is clean and if there’s a decent restroom to change clothes?

  8. This is a cool vacation. Hay… this is the 2nd year that i didn’t enjoy my summer… work is hassle kasi e…

    1. Same here.. hassle, pressure and stress.. i guess, that’s the reason why i craved for the sea. :O

  9. Villa Mar sounds familiar. I thought we have something like that in Batangas.

    1. Really? There is? Let me know. I really wanna try it! 🙂

  10. the moment i saw the word “cavite and beach” i knew something will be wrong LOL! garbage! have you tried batangas? well I think you did enjoy your vacay pam and that’s the most important thing 🙂

    1. yeah! i surely enjoyed it! Thank God Maw was there. We had so much fun playing with the waves. It was huuuuuuge and creepy! 🙂

  11. Whoa, that’s one affordable beach! I will surely take note of this! And I hope people would be more mindful of their trash 😐

  12. byahengbarok · · Reply

    nice looking sunset. i do agree that people should be more responsible when when going to the beaches. trash belongs to the trash cans. we have to take care of our nature more often

    1. Very well said! I agree!

  13. That’s the thing with beaches in Cavite — garbage. Sayang nga, kasi the beaches are beautiful talaga.

    1. yeeeees! and nice waves! hehe! but sayang talaga! :S hey! tell me more about baler, pleeeeeease? 🙂

  14. rmbulseco · · Reply

    Pero marumi na talaga ang shores jan sa Cavite area. Grabe lang talaga ang basura jan eh 😦

  15. As the Philippine Beaches new campaign is “Leave nothing but footprints”! Nakakaloka ang mga tang iresponsable. Gano ba kahirap yung ipunin nila yung kalat nila at itapon sa tamang tapunan? Kung ganito ng ganito, hindi nakakagulat kung puro sakuna at kalamidad ang mangyayari sa mga susunod na taon. We should think more about our environment before its too late!

    1. Indeed! Hindi pa natuto sa mga nangyari at dumaang kalamidad eh! sayang talaga!

  16. It’s better to travel somewhere, especially when your location is by the beach, to know that it’s clean. I too, was also able to encounter a beach in Batangas that had plenty of scraps scattered on both sand and water. It was disappointing. Yet that didn’t ruin our trip. 🙂

    1. whoa! in Batangas? what beach is that? :O

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