Curl all the way!

Last week i am so restless on what to do with my hair. I really want to get it curled ’cause i feel so bored on how it look like -straight! just straight hair. So last week while i’m doing nothing but to listen on Taylor Swift’s Enchanted, I made some research on different salon that offers hot and cold perms.

My research lead me to Tony and Jackey, but they’re really expensive -Digital Perming cost about Php 6,000 so NO! Then I went to Bench Fix website and start inquiring about their prices, Bench Fix offers 2 kinds of perm treatment, one is Digital Perm or what they also called Hot Perm -price is roughly ranging from Php5,000.00 – 6,000.00 depending on your hair length, while L’Oreal Perm or Cold Perm is ranging from Php 1,300 to 2,000.00 – NOT BAD!

So, pam has a plan now!

Unfortunately, it rained so hard last Saturday that leads me to take a bus with a signboard “PACITA -SAN PEDRO” yeah! that’s where i live, by the way! And my mind is telling me “move! move! move!” and I answer “fine!” sounds crazy right? 😀

My Plan B was to call my mom and ask her to look for a salon that offers this kind of treatment. It was so hard to convince her at first. She doesn’t want to get my hair perm and instead asking me to to get my hair re-bonded. Noooooooo! But as soon i got home, she told me about this salon near our place called “CUTS and CURLS” located at San Vicente Rd. San Pedro, Laguna. To my surprise, the salon is very cosy, though small, it’s clean and the stylists are very friendly. As to the price of the treatment? it cost Php600.00! yeah! very affordable, right? I was scared to get a bad result, but i trust the stylist and he/she seems to know what she’s doing.

So i went on with the process and after 4 hours of sitting and waiting… here’s the result of my eagerness to get my hair perm! or should i say “craziness?” hehe!

I love it! I’m getting a lot of compliment from my office mates and they want to get their hairs done as well! haha!

What i learned about this? In Php600.00 i got my hair perm, and i got a new style! 🙂



  1. wow that was a good deal!!! from 6k canvas price to P600!!! pretty curls!

    1. yeaaaah! i wanted big curls but my curls turn good though! Thanks, Carizza! I visited your site, your curls look nice too! 🙂

  2. Wow! You looked so pretty with your hair. I am planning to shave my head bald by the way. Grabe ang init!!!

    1. Seriously?

      Yeah! Summer this year is really different -it’s tooooo hot! Thank God it’s about to end! 🙂

  3. Nice! I want my natural waves back. I just had my hair chroma straight and well straight hair doesn’t suit me. Lesson learned. Amazing cheap too!

    1. yeaaaah! I’m wondering now when it’ll last ’cause i just got re-bonded a year ago.. but i’m excited about this new look! 🙂

  4. Wow! Curls are really cute and I used to have them before. Now I’m thinking, should I have my hair curled?

    1. yeah! if your hair is long, it will surely fits you! flaunt it! tell me when your already decided and from which salon you did your hair, ok? 🙂

  5. Wow, P600? Unbelievable. My hair is to thick for that style though.

    1. Nooooo! My hair is very thick too, i swear! after the treatment, my hair looks thinner! Before, my friends used to tell me that all the nutrients are going straight to my hair !

    2. Nooo! my hair is very thick too but after the treatment, my hair looks thinner! Try it yourself, try bench fix! they know what style fits you and they will give you tips as well. 🙂

  6. Bagay sayo girl… sana na nga straight nlng hair ko para pwede kong i curl. Kaso curly na talga hair ko kaya lalo akong tinatamad suklayin…. ♥

    1. tingin ko mas magandang i-curl ang curl na buhok. konting treatment lang yan! 🙂

  7. Nice deal, might as well try this look! pretty new you..:)

    1. yeaaah! i love the new me and thank! 🙂

  8. Now you will look less skinny with your hair. haha but I want bigger curls! Congratulations with the feedback you got here! 🙂

    1. Thanks, kambal! i want big curls too, that’s what i really wanted! but it turned nice naman, so i’m happy! 🙂
      How was last night? 🙂

  9. I have a naturally wavy hair. I’d have it straightened, then nung nauso na rebond, rebond naman, but for a change, hindi na muna ako nagpaparebond, last was Dec 2010 pa. I’m appreciating my hair more these days, kasi pwede ko syang itali hehe. I’m thinking ipa-curl ko na rin kaya.

    1. when i got my hair re-bonded, i can’t do anything with my hair, and sobrang straight lang nya. i got really bored. hehe! yeah! i suggest na ipa-curl mo nalang sya mas maganda ang outcome kasi susunod na sya sa hair mo. 🙂

  10. francine · · Reply

    hi,i live in san pedro laguna,where is this located?,is it in “bayan”?,i had my hair rebonded before,is that okay?… :))

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