Summer is about to end and rainy season is just coming and before the rain gets harder, I had a chance to wear what every girl wants to wear on a summer… swimwear! And not just a 1 piece swimsuit you wear in your swimming class but a two-piece swimsuit that I am eyeing ever since I can’t remember! Yeah! And because I have a tiny/petite body, it took me years to have the guts of buying and actually wearing a piece of cloth (nyay!)

Moving forward, I want to share you this store that sells different kinds of sexy-sexy-swimwear! The store is called Cococabaña and I got to check one of their biggest store located in Mall of Asia. The store is full of exceptional designs of Swimwear and Maxi Dress’s for women that fit your style and personality –Tank top, Bandeau styles, Maillot styles or what we known as the traditional one-piece swimsuit and who hates Monokinis?! Awesome!

I even purchase one of their most selling item -I called it zebra design because of how it looked like but it’s simply black and white swimwear. Here’s the photo of it (oh! Just to warn you guys that the model appears in this picture is NOT ME! ;p):


Here are some samples of Cococabaña’s swimwear and Dress:



Lovely! Isn’t it? The price is very affordable too! For only Php 300.00 you can easily get a colorful and dashing Maxi Dress and for Php699.00 – 1,500.00 you’ll get a piece of chickish and stylish swimwear from cococabaña!

ImageCococabaña is located at Women’s store, South Wing, SM Mall of Asia and selected SM Department Store.

 P.S: This article will also be available in my bff’s site soon!



  1. I love fashionable bikinis! 🙂 Nice photos you have share here. Even if you’re not the model. Hihi.

    1. haha! Thanks Lizzie! 🙂

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