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Book Review: The Early Bird Catches the Worm But the Second Mouse Gets the Cheese

A collection of inspirational stories and personal experience that will make you laugh, cry, start again and love again. Writer and speaker Francis J. Kong reiterated stories and passages from the bible that will surely captivate every reader’s heart. I can say that this book changed my perspective in life. I was in the middle […]


Lately, I’ve been so confused on which direction to take and what field to specialize. When I was still on my first job, I wanted to be on the field of Marketing because I think I can do it and because my officemate is manipulating me to resign and look for marketing job -so I […]


Last June 9, 2012 was the event that we’ve all been waiting for. One of our dearest friend tied the knot with his 6-year boyfriend and for us, it’s our time to be Reunited once more. I love my friends, they’re just like a family to me, so this occasion made me a bit emotional specially when […]