Last June 9, 2012 was the event that we’ve all been waiting for. One of our dearest friend tied the knot with his 6-year boyfriend and for us, it’s our time to be Reunited once more.

I love my friends, they’re just like a family to me, so this occasion made me a bit emotional specially when the church door opened and I saw her walking in the aisle with her elegant gown to meet the man she’ll spend her life with.

Isn’t she Lovely? It’s true that no matter what circumstances the bride will always be the most beautiful girl on her wedding day! -Indeed!

What surprised me more is the fact that we are really growing up and changing from a high school students to mature ladies. We throw jokes without hurting each others ego and just laugh at it -to death! And because it’s an event we don’t really want to miss, we grab every opportunity to make it more special and memorable… -PICTURES!

It just feel so right to be reunited with your true friends! I know this will not be the end of get together ’cause someone got the bouquet of flowers and another wedding bells to come… soon… 🙂






  1. The dresses are nice. 🙂

    1. hanks, kambaaaal! soo looking forward to your wedding. 🙂

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