Lately, I’ve been so confused on which direction to take and what field to specialize. When I was still on my first job, I wanted to be on the field of Marketing because I think I can do it and because my officemate is manipulating me to resign and look for marketing job -so I did! I’ve been in this field for a year now and I can say this is not what I want. I’m not good at it! Promotion, Ideas, Brand Management, Advertising!

A month ago, I met someone who told me that I need to decide on what I really want to do with my life or else I might be the jack of all trade but expertise of none! I was like “No WAY!” At first but I thought about it over and over again and I realized I might… or I might NOT?

I’m a dreamer! And I want to do a lot of things, I-want-to-learn-a-lot-of-things! One of a very good friend of mine told me “We have to dream to achieve a lot of things, so we can reach at least ONE of it.”

So what I did is I listed down all the things I wanted to do. I called it my “TO-DO LIST” and my deadline? “DON’T RUSH!”

In this blog I’ll share you SIX things I want to specialize and who inspire me to do it.

1. Photographer
My uncle or whom I called “Daddy” inspired me with his photos and shots to be a photographer. During his time, photoshop and other editing software have not yet invented and I can say that all great photos are captured through pure talent and I applaud him for that!

2. Traveler
My uncle whom I called “Kuya” gave me an idea to see different places. Being a tourism officer, he used to see destination spots here in the Philippines that made me envy him! –haha! I love the opportunity he’s getting plus his job allows him to travel for FREE! Now, who doesn’t want his job?

3. Blogger / Writer
I’m a writer but I can say that I’m not a technical writer! My 2 great friends are –Sam and Mich! Give them a subject and woila! They’ll give you an interesting topic. It seems so easy for them to write and they really inspired me to do this blogging thing.

4. Fashion Designer
I used to love fashion and clothing since childhood and because I’m petite (describe as small and thin) it’s so difficult for me to look for a perfect pair of cloth in the department store. So I decided I want to wear my own design

5. Sales Executive
Lately, my mind is telling me to resign and look for a sales executive/key account specialist job. Why? Because money is right there in Sales! Commission, allowance, basic salary! I want that commission! Plus I know I have huge advantage because I CAN SELL! I’m pretty confidence I’ll be able to reach the quota so I AM READY!

6. Event Organizer
EVEEEEENTS! Oh how I love thee! I’ve been wanted this like forever now! I wanted to run my own Events Company –weddings, debuts, conventions, concerts and everything! Only I know I need bigger capital in putting this one up! I think that’s the reason why I wanted to go on sales, because I need money.

I know I wanted so many things, and I’ve been moving and moving. It’s not that I am not contented with my life but I just wanted to achieve all these to prove to myself and other people that I CAN ACTUALLY DO IT! I know it’s not easy, but the way I look at it, I know I will be able to make it happen, maybe not now but time will come. And I won’t lose hope on that! 🙂



  1. I wonder why I didn’t read WIFE and MOTHER here, it’s a noble career that I know in the future you will be good at. Thank you for mentioning my name, you inspire me so much too. This post made me a little teary as I imagined all of these to come true and we are still friends. Good Luck to you.

    :-* Sammy

    1. Thank you, kambal! You are one good friend to cherish! : ) Goodluck to both of us.

  2. Ha! I agree with Sam! And by the way, regarding the last part, you can still make this happen with or without money. I love organizing events too. Trust me, all we need is to conquer the fear of facing it with or without the capital. It’s proven and tested! 🙂

    1. FEAR. you are right! let go of the fear and and trust in myself and confidence! I will make it happen! Thanks Gareth! by the way, is your name Gareth?.. haha!

      1. hahahaha! Yes. But I am 100%woman. 😛

      2. MarGARETH! sometimes i want to change my nick from PAM to ELA! But i’m not sooooo use to it so Pam nalang. hahaha! but GARETH is coooooool! hahaha 😀

      3. hahahahah!!!! Ella degeneres. 🙂

      4. Ella degeneres?! umm, Pam suites me well, i guess! hahah! 😀

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