Monthly Archives: July 2012

My favorite bookstore

Because I love books, I also love strolling the mall and visit my favorite books store –FULLY BOOKED! I love the ambiance of this store; neat, organize, simple and elegant. It looks fresh and overwhelming at the same time that every time you’re there, you don’t want to get out without buying one. It’s easily […]


I can still remember the time when my friend handed this book over to me. We were at FullyBooked and looking for a good book to read. I was looking for something inspirational and life changing book when this friend of mine gave this book to me and compelled me by saying “This is a […]

Another Book to Movie to Watch For!

The Mortal Instruments was/is one of my favorite books –actually it’s on top of my list of favorite books to read and when I heard it will turn into a movie! I got thrilled! Reading is very different form watching! I love Cassandra Clare and how she portaled me into the world of fantasy and […]


I first heard of this book through a good friend of mine, so as soon as I hit the mall, I went to Fully Booked and purchase this book, it was like a year ago. Haha! –I know! Apparently, another friend of mine suggested me another book which made Hunger Games pending on my shelf. […]