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DOLORES: 2009 Cinemalaya Entry

2009 CINEMALAYA entry produced by Mr. Lito Casaje and Jerry Garcia for Dramatic Personae. A story that will surely catch your interest, move you and affect you in so many aspect of your lives whether you’re an ordinary person, a passerby, a child or a parent. Dolores gives everyone a lesson to live with about […]

Mga Premyadong Dula ni Lito Casaje

“Ang buhay ay lirikal sa kanyang huwaran, kalunus-lunos sa kanyang tadhana, katawa-tawa sa kanyang pag-iral.” -George Santayana (1863-1952)  Mga Premyadong Dula by Lito Casaje is a book reflecting the life of every Filipino all around the globe. The book has five exciting drama based on real life scenario of our people. Filled with useful lessons […]