Mga Premyadong Dula ni Lito Casaje

“Ang buhay ay lirikal sa kanyang huwaran, kalunus-lunos sa kanyang tadhana, katawa-tawa sa kanyang pag-iral.” -George Santayana (1863-1952) books

Mga Premyadong Dula by Lito Casaje is a book reflecting the life of every Filipino all around the globe. The book has five exciting drama based on real life scenario of our people. Filled with useful lessons about family, friends, love, tragedy, recovery and success is the theme of the book.

The book is well written, very beautiful, funny and engaging. Every line is meaningful and significant and all the events are momentous. The book contains:

  • Juan Dela Cruz New York
  • Editoryal
  • Separasyon
  • Matrimonyal
  • Padre de Familia

Mga Premyadong Dula is a winner of National Book Award Manila Critics’ Award, Recognized by Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature at Cultural Center of the Philippines and was included in the rank of famous classic drama in the Philippines.


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