simple and adorable.

That’s what they say, well, there are just some of them though. Pam is what they named me on the day I was born, it’s because I left my mom’s womb on a “Palm Sunday”. Sounds so close right? I’m just like everyone else, I met my best friend when I was 6, play Chinese garter when I was 8,had a crush when I was 12, went to high school when I was 13, fell in love when I was 16, turn college when I was 17, start working at 22 and still moving on…

I love sharing ideas and thoughts to everyone. I love clothes and colors –mix them up and turn my petite body into unique one. I am not a pro-stylist or designer but I know I have a taste for fashion and everyone does. What do I do, then? I make sure that the show starts when I went out of that door wearing the most comfortable piece of clothes, and put that smile on my face!

I love songs and how its lyrics and rhythm come together to form a melody that magnetize me to dance. I’m a ballet dancer and I love it just like the way I love music. I also love travelling…alone… yeah you know, when you don’t have any company but your travelling bag –exciting! Reading books is one of my past time, I can just sit down on the couch and just read books the whoooole day.
I just simply love life and yeah I enjoy every single of it! 🙂


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