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Mga Premyadong Dula ni Lito Casaje

“Ang buhay ay lirikal sa kanyang huwaran, kalunus-lunos sa kanyang tadhana, katawa-tawa sa kanyang pag-iral.” -George Santayana (1863-1952)  Mga Premyadong Dula by Lito Casaje is a book reflecting the life of every Filipino all around the globe. The book has five exciting drama based on real life scenario of our people. Filled with useful lessons […]

My favorite bookstore

Because I love books, I also love strolling the mall and visit my favorite books store –FULLY BOOKED! I love the ambiance of this store; neat, organize, simple and elegant. It looks fresh and overwhelming at the same time that every time you’re there, you don’t want to get out without buying one. It’s easily […]


I can still remember the time when my friend handed this book over to me. We were at FullyBooked and looking for a good book to read. I was looking for something inspirational and life changing book when this friend of mine gave this book to me and compelled me by saying “This is a […]

Another Book to Movie to Watch For!

The Mortal Instruments was/is one of my favorite books –actually it’s on top of my list of favorite books to read and when I heard it will turn into a movie! I got thrilled! Reading is very different form watching! I love Cassandra Clare and how she portaled me into the world of fantasy and […]


I first heard of this book through a good friend of mine, so as soon as I hit the mall, I went to Fully Booked and purchase this book, it was like a year ago. Haha! –I know! Apparently, another friend of mine suggested me another book which made Hunger Games pending on my shelf. […]

Book Review: The Early Bird Catches the Worm But the Second Mouse Gets the Cheese

A collection of inspirational stories and personal experience that will make you laugh, cry, start again and love again. Writer and speaker Francis J. Kong reiterated stories and passages from the bible that will surely captivate every reader’s heart. I can say that this book changed my perspective in life. I was in the middle […]