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Lately, I’ve been so confused on which direction to take and what field to specialize. When I was still on my first job, I wanted to be on the field of Marketing because I think I can do it and because my officemate is manipulating me to resign and look for marketing job -so I […]


Summer is about to end and rainy season is just coming and before the rain gets harder, I had a chance to wear what every girl wants to wear on a summer… swimwear! And not just a 1 piece swimsuit you wear in your swimming class but a two-piece swimsuit that I am eyeing ever […]

Yay! yay! :)

Ta-daaa! Ok, i don’t want to delete or to change the title ’cause i actually have nothing to say today. I just wanna welcome myself on wordpress and i do hope that i will only share inspirational stories, learning and experience to everyone who will/can access this  page. Yay! yay! Happy Blogging everyone! 🙂